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#GegenHassimNetz (#against online hate)

Is someone calling you names on Facebook because your name sounds “foreign”? Have you noticed frequent dero- gatory comments on your gender, your country of origin or your sexual orientation when chatting online? Do you feel threatened because someone is posting threats of violence to your group in Internet forums? The #GegenHassimNetz Counselling Service can assist you in situations like these! The Counselling Servicestaff will give an initial assessment of the matter in hand and discuss with you your possible options for how to proceed and any possible action that can be taken by you and the Counselling Service together. They’ll provide you free of charge and promptly with information on any legal action you can take and what other action you yourself can take to fight online hate.The #GegenHassimNetz Counselling Service helps Inter- net users affected by hate, smear campaigns and cyber- bullying to take effective action against corresponding online material and against those who have posted it.